Warsaw Machinery provides woodworking and metal working equipment for non-ferrous, paneling, plastic & wood industries. Industrial machines include CNC band saws, dovetailers, dadoers, routers, drill heads, hopper feeders and frame clamping assembly equipment in the Handy, MBD and Tyler brands.
Warsaw Machinery’s MBD Resaw Attachment Accurately Re-saws Straight Cut Panels and Lumber in Uniform Thickness
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Warsaw Machinery manufactures industrial metalworking and woodworking equipment lines including Tyler, MBD and Handy.
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MBD Resaw Attachment from Warsaw Machinery allows for more positive feeding action for woodcutting band saws. Re-saw attachment has adjustable feed speeds from 5 to 100 ft/min. Capacity is only limited by height or saw guide, table width and material weight, providing straight cut lumber and panels.

MBD® R-1000 Resaw Attachment

MBD® R-1000 Resaw AttachmentAllows for more positive feeding action for wood cutting bandsaws. The MBD R-1000 Resaw Attachment effectively and accurately resaws straight-cut lumber of uniform thickness.

Material is fed through the saw by a rough top conveyor belt, which is backed by a fixed platen and the material is held to the belt by yielding rollers, allowing for multiple cuts without set-up changes.

A solid state DC motor and controller provides up to 175 pounds of feeding force. The machine has an infinitely adjustable feed speed range from 5 to 100 ft/min. from a variable speed motor drive. The machine’s capacity is only limited by the height of the saw guide, table width and the weight of the material. A high speed model is available with speed range from 10 to 200 ft/min. and a ¾-HP DC motor.

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