Warsaw Machinery provides woodworking and metal working equipment for non-ferrous, paneling, plastic & wood industries. Industrial machines include CNC band saws, dovetailers, dadoers, routers, drill heads, hopper feeders and frame clamping assembly equipment in the Handy, MBD and Tyler brands.
MBD CNC Automatic Bandsawing Systems Provides Complete Automated Band Sawing Process for Industrial Woodworking Applications
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Warsaw Machinery manufactures industrial metalworking and woodworking equipment lines including Tyler, MBD and Handy.
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Robotic Bandsawing System

MBD® Model 4400 Robotic Bandsawing System

MDB 4400 Robotic Bandsawing SystemReplaces manual manipulation of material through the bandsaw blade with robotic manipulation and integrates the cutting productivity of a vertical bandsaw with the flexibility of a six axis robotic arm.  The robot is equipped with end of arm tooling to grip the material.  The robot moves the material through the bandsaw blade to create the desired shape, as designated by the programmed path.

The MBD® Model 4400 Robotic Bandsawing System offers a variety of benefits over conventional bandsawing, including faster and consistent feed rates, accurate shaped parts, and increased productivity.

This manufacturing cell can include other operations such as drilling, routing, and sanding.  In addition, the attendant manages the manufacturing operation from the exterior of the manufacturing cell enclosure.

Get more info on MBD Model 4400 Robotic Bandsawing System here (PDF Literature).