Warsaw Machinery provides woodworking and metal working equipment for non-ferrous, paneling, plastic & wood industries. Industrial machines include CNC band saws, dovetailers, dadoers, routers, drill heads, hopper feeders and frame clamping assembly equipment in the Handy, MBD and Tyler brands.
Warsaw Machinery's Tyler Drawer Front Dovetailer Makes French Dovetail Drawer Fronts Quickly/Accurately for Cabinets
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Warsaw Machinery manufactures industrial metalworking and woodworking equipment lines including Tyler, MBD and Handy.
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The Tyler® drawer front dovetailer quickly, accurately and efficiently produces French dovetail drawer fronts all in one operation. Warsaw Machinery provides the dovetail machine with three high speed drill heads to produce 10-12 pieces/min. Quick set-up is possible with right/left-hand heads that move easily.

Tyler® Drawer Front Dovetailer

Tyler® Drawer Front DovetailerThe Tyler Drawer Front Dovetailer quickly, accurately and efficiently produces French dovetail drawer fronts, all in one operation.

The Dovetailer uses 3 high speed heads, each equipped with T.E.F.C squirrel cage induction motors to produce 10-12 pieces per minute. The spindle shaft is built for long lasting operations and has a rugged integral collet chuck and precision bearings. A precisely machined casting spindle house provides dependable service.

Quick set-up is possible with lock-down screws and right and left-hand heads that move easily for under a minute set-up time. Common changes (the distance between drawer slide, dovetail lengths, etc.) are made easily and accurately via a built-in digital read-out.

Tyler Drawer Front Dovetailer has one to four drill units available, each with an adjustable center distance of 1” to 6.6” and a ½ HP T.E.F.C. motor. Machine controls are fixed and can be manually controlled for set-up and automatically controlled during operation.

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