Warsaw Machinery provides woodworking and metal working equipment for non-ferrous, paneling, plastic & wood industries. Industrial machines include CNC band saws, dovetailers, dadoers, routers, drill heads, hopper feeders and frame clamping assembly equipment in the Handy, MBD and Tyler brands.
Tyler Hopper Feeder Equipment from Warsaw Machinery used in Industrial Woodworking Applications Accommodates Longer Stock
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Warsaw Machinery manufactures industrial metalworking and woodworking equipment lines including Tyler, MBD and Handy.
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The Tyler hopper feeder is a bottom feeding belt-type hopper designed to feeding lumber from a vertical stack to molders, sanders, finish equipment and similar woodworking applications. The hopper feeder can feed stock for ½-6” wide and ¼-2” thick.  Hopper is open-ended to accommodate longer stock.

Tyler® Hopper Feeder

Tyler® Hopper FeederThe Tyler Hopper Feeder is a bottom feeding belt type hopper designed for feeding short lengths of lumber from a vertical stack. It feeds molders, sanders, finishing equipment and other similar applications.

The Model 3625 Hopper Feeder is a self-contained machine, has adjustable height and removable legs and a variable speed drive. The stock is fed automatically through the bottom of the machine by an endless, high friction, rough top belt. The automatic feeding lets one operator feed and tail a machine in many applications. Though originally designed to be used with the XL Moldmatcher, its universal design allows it to be used with many other machine types.

Model 3625 Hopper Feeder can feed stock from ½” to 6” wide and from ¼” to 2” thick, but the hopper is open ended to accommodate longer stock and tapered for easy loading. A variable speed DC drive provides an infinitely adjustable speed feed from 20 to 70 ft/min.

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