Warsaw Machinery provides woodworking and metal working equipment for non-ferrous, paneling, plastic & wood industries. Industrial machines include CNC band saws, dovetailers, dadoers, routers, drill heads, hopper feeders and frame clamping assembly equipment in the Handy, MBD and Tyler brands.
See Warsaw Machinery for Industrial Wood/Metalworking Equipment including Tyler Dadoers, Drilling/Routing/Milling Heads, Dovetailers and End Panel Machines
Warsaw Machinery, Inc.
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Warsaw Machinery manufactures industrial metalworking and woodworking equipment lines including Tyler, MBD and Handy.
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Warsaw Machinery provides Tyler equipment including dado machine, drawer front dovetailer, drill and router head, routing/milling head, double end trim and tenoner, cabinet end panel system plus hopper feeder and multi-spindle panel router. Many uses for industrial metalworking/woodworking applications.

Tyler® High Speed Router Head - Used for machining hard and soft woods, plywood, hard-board, particle board, non-ferrous metals and many plastics. The rigid construction and flexible mounting capabilities of the High Speed Router Head work well in routing, scoring, edge shaping and mortising operations.

Tyler High Speed Router Head

Tyler® Model 3400 Routing/
Milling Head
- The large capacity Tyler Routing/Milling Head is used in a range of heavy-duty, large capacity industrial applications for high speed routing or milling of wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals.

Tyler Model 3400 Routing / Milling Head

Tyler® Model 2400 Multi-Spindle Panel Router - This Multi-Spindle Panel Router is used to manufacture a display panel product known as "slot-wall". A series of parallel "T-slots" are made in the face of wood or composite panels. The panels can be used in the manufacture of store fixtures for displays, and for commercial and residential buildings for display and storage areas.

Tyler Model 2400 Multi-Spindle Panel Router

Tyler® Hopper Feeder - The Tyler Hopper Feeder is a bottom feeding belt type hopper designed for feeding short lengths of lumber from a vertical stack. It feeds molders, sanders, finishing equipment and other similar applications.

Tyler Hopper Feeder

Tyler® Drawer Front Dovetailer - The Tyler Drawer Front Dovetailer quickly, accurately and efficiently produces French dovetail drawer fronts, all in one operation. The Dovetailer uses 3 high speed heads, each equipped with T.E.F.C squirrel cage induction motors to produce 10-12 pieces per minute.

Tyler Drawer Front Dovetailer